About Us

TRIPONTO was founded in 1998 with a high skilled multidisciplinary team in the commercial and marketing fields both in logistics and industry.

For over 15 years, TRIPONTO has consolidated its journey following the trends and meeting the needs of its customers and the markets where they are based, always responding with the best solutions for each project or business.

TRIPONTO is completed through 2 distinct business areas, but very intertwined by its values ​​and ethics – tritrading and triecologic.

Acting directly or through its network of agents and partners, tritrading operates in several international markets with special focus on European countries, Africans (Angola, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau) and Brazil. We work with national manufacturers of materials characteristic of our country: wood, cork, glass, ceramics, textiles, etc. We help in the development of new Designers projects, which today seek alternatives to the Asian offer, in order to find the raw materials that correspond to the quality required for their own design projects.

With the objective of accelerating the transition from the Portuguese market to a more sustainable economy, through the distribution in Portugal of the best ecological products in the market, triecologic emerges. This business area is dedicated to offer ecological packaging solutions to different market sectors, such as: catering, hotels, catering companies, events, festivals, schools, supermarkets, industry and agriculture.