TRIECOLOGIC is our business area dedicated to ecological packaging solutions for different market sectors, such as: restaurants, catering, hotels, catering companies, events, festivals, schools, supermarkets, industry and agriculture.

We offer environmentally friendly alternatives from plants, not oil. We aim to offer environmentally friendly packaging solutions that help to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the reduction of landfills.

We work every day with enthusiasm to spread the knowledge and use of eco-innovative products, sure to find many people who are also looking for the green way. We think that an ecological product can also be aesthetically pleasing and that is why our packaging combines design and respect for the environment.


Our products are compostable, since the raw materials used are made from plants: PLA, cellulose, recycled sugar cane fibres, Natureflex and palm leaf.

Our products are certified as compostable by independent certification companies (OK Compost by Vincotte and The Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI) and comply with the European standard EN-13432.

Restaurants, Catering, Hotels, Catering Companies, Events, Festivals, Schools, Supermarkets

Industry and Agriculture

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